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What is Instant Pull Ichiban Kuji and how does it work?

Instant Pull Ichiban Kuji is an on demand Kuji, where if you decide to play,  we can instantly do it for you over a live video call. 
This is of course, subjected to our availability. We do strive to be available for this as often and as quickly as we can. 

1. Select the Kuji set you wish to play.

2. Kuji odds should be updated in our product page with an updated image. Updated date and time will be included in the description. 

3. PM us via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram to confirm the odds and let us know the number of tickets you wish to draw.
4. Payment can be made via PayNow, or if you wish to use other methods, inform us so we can manually create a payment link for other
 available methods (Card, GrabPay, Pace etc.)

5. Once payment is confirmed, we will invite you to a Zoom video call. 
- Customer's video can be turned off, there is no requirement for this.
- We recommend that you connect to audio and enable your microphone so that we may communicate over voice to ease the selection of prizes

6. Paid tickets will be drawn on the video call, and opened to show the prize winnings. 

7. If options for prizes are available, Customers will be able to select them, subjected to availability of the choices. 

8. Once tickets are finalised, we will move on to the next Customer in line. If there are no Customers next, the current Customer can then decide if they wish to purchase more. Payment must be made before the next draw. 

9. Prizes can be consolidated, and Customer can opt for delivery at $4.50 (May change depending on quantity and size of prizes) or self collected at the following addresses: 

- 495C Tampines Street 43
- 157 Pasir Ris Street 17 (Please do allow a few days for us to transfer the items here for collection)

Terms & Conditions for Instant Pull Ichiban Kuji

1. All Kuji purchases are non-refundable.

2. All Kuji sessions on Zoom video calls are recorded solely for record purposes to ensure that no foul play is involved.

3. All recorded Kuji sessions will be deleted after 30 days to protect your privacy

4. All consolidated prizes can only be kept for up to a maximum of 15 days from your last draw session. 

5. Upon the failure to respond to the collection of prizes after a maximum of 3 attempts, the prizes will be donated. 

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