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Points System

What are they?

Points are to reward our customers! They can be exchanged for discounts when you checkout the items in your cart. 

How to earn points?

1. Register an account with us for starters. This gives you 150 points!

2. Everytime a purchase is complete, your order total equals the points you will gain. $1 SGD = 1 point.

For example, if you purchase an in-stock item, if it's $35, once we confirm the order and delivery, the order will become complete and you will be awarded the 35 points. 

If the item is a pre-order, do note that only upon order completion will you be awarded the points. 
Order completion is only when the item has arrived, and the balance payment has been made.  

For other currencies, for example, MYR, we'll follow the conversion rate for MYR to SGD. E.g. $3 MYR = $1 SGD = 1 point

3. Refer your friend. 

Access your account page to view your points here.  Use the referral link for your friend who hasn't signed up, to create an account with us. 
When your friend signs up, they get 150 points, and you get 100 points. 
The more you refer, the more points you earn!

How to use my points?

Points can be used when you're in the Cart page, or the Checkout page. 
Points can be exchanged for discounts. Every 100 points = $1 SGD. 

So the more you accumulate, the more you can exchange for discounts!

Shop more and be rewarded!

If you have any concerns regarding your points, please do not hesitate to WhatsApp us. 

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